My first day-slash-breakdown

7.15 am: my alarm clock went off. Usually I might struggle to get out of bed and I might even stay for a bit longer. But not on that day. I had slept on the sofa as Izabela (my stepmother and carer who I was replacing) was still sleeping and was due to leave the […]

Meeting the flimsy little lady

Dorothy was this sweet, flimsy little woman who compliantly (in a strangely also defiant way) followed the rushed and caring Polish carer who she seemed attached to by an invisible rope. When  I arrived with my big suitcase to take the care job in Uxbridge  she greeted me indiscriminately, not knowing who I was, why […]

About Me and the Blog

My name is Anna Iris Nogueira Nicolau, I am Brazilian, 23 years old and since I can remember I have consumed a beautiful affair with drawing and an interest in vulnerable people. Since then  I have achieved a BSc (Hons) Psychology degree and embarked on a fascinating adventure as a live-in full time Dementia Care […]